Point Should be know every Civil Site Engineer. Civil Tips

Point Should be known by every Civil Site Engineer.

There are some general points to remember for every site engineer to make easier work at the site.

  • Lapping is not allowed for the 36 mm diameter bars or more.
  • Maximum spacing for a chair per 1 No per 1m2.
  • Chairs minimum of 12 mm dia bars to be used.
  • For dowels rod minimum of 12 mm diameter should be used.
  • The minimum bars for the square column is 4 Numbers and 6 Numbers for the circular column.
  • Main or distribution bars in the slabs shall not be less than 8 mm.
  • The minimum thickness of the slab is 125 mm.
  • Dimension tolerance for cubes is +- 2 mm.
  • Free fall of concrete is allowed at a maximum of 1m height.
  • Lap slices not be used for bars larger than 36 mm.
  • Water absorption of clay bricks should not be more than 15 %.
  • The PH value of the water should not be less than 6 for concreting.
  • The compressive strength of clay Bricks is 3.5 N / mm2.
  • For steel reinforcement binding wire required is 8 kg per MT.
  • The density of Clay bricks is 1600 – 1920 kg/m3
  • The concrete block’s density is 1920 kg/m3.
  • Reinforcement concrete Density is 2350 kg/m3.

Curing Time For Different Types of Cement.

  • Curing Required for super sulphate cement is a minimum of 7 Days
  • Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) curing is a Minimum of 10 Days.
  • For Minerals & Admixture, Added Cement curing is 14 Days.

Minimum De-Shuttering time of the different types of RCC members.

  • Column, Wall, Vertical Member De-shuttering time is 24 Hours.
  • Formwork for soffit slab minimum time is 5-7 days and props are to be fixed after removing Plates or bottom shutting.
  • Slab beam Shuttering can be removed after 7 days or props to be fixed after removing Plates or bottom shutting.
  • Beam De-shuttering time for spanning Less than 4.5m 7 Days.
  • Beam De-shuttering time for spanning more than 4.5m 14 Days.
  • Arches Beam De-shuttering time is 14 Days for 6m in length.
  • Arches Beam De-shuttering time is 21 Days for more than 6m lengths.
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