Advantages of Decking sheets:

  • The decking sheet has lightweight quality, so it does not require any formwork or support props for slab cast.
  • The structure weight is reduced due to its tensile reinforcing property as it lowers the quantity of reinforcing steel by 20% as deck profile.
  • Deck sheet works as a composite member and as permanent shuttering which does not require any external or additional support and provides strength to the whole building.
  • The deck as a whole plane provides a stronger connection between the purlins and beams and provides better structural strength than just major reinforce steel.
  • Decreases in slab thickness, provide lighter slabs, and reduced foundation loads resulting in less material.
  • Casting floor with decks requires less cement and reinforced steel that covers the cost of decks and more.
  • Deck improves the safety of workers as it can be used as a working surface while the construction process.
  • Floor decking enables the construction without shuttering and extra supports assemble and disassemble time which greatly reduces the entire construction period and cost of labour.
  • Metal decks can also be used in roofing and cladding sheets in cement which provides stronger structure strength to the building.

Concreting - Northern Steel Decking

Disadvantages of Decking Sheets:

  • Floor decking sheets make construction easier but it’s a new constructing method for many workers. Therefore, construction needs experienced workers or more time to get used to it.
  • Since some countries need to import floor decking, they do not have any local steel manufacturers and the manufacturer is not developed enough to manufacture it.
  • The floor decking makes the whole project have a shorter total time duration that may need reschedule for other projects like framework or more.
  • Steel structures last much longer compared to 10-15 years for wooden structures. Floor decking might be more cost-efficient only for long-lasting buildings.

Inelastic response of steel roof deck diaphragms with nailed and welded connections - ScienceDirect                                  Steel Corrosion - Foundation Masters

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