ONESS Infra announces their new series of Building Materials perfect for any construction project

ONESS Infra, Indore’s leading one-stop solution-based construction and architectural company organized a conference where they unveiled a new series of building materials.

As part of the program, the organization recognized and honoured the engineers, architects, vendors, and constructors associated with it, who have been supporting the company for years. They were commended for their immense contribution towards the growth and progress of the firm. Gaurav Ghavri, Chirag Neema (Directors of ONESS Infra), and other prominent personalities from the construction industry in Madhya Pradesh attended the event. These also include many individuals who have already made their mark in this field. The MP Shankar Lalwani, Yogesh Mehta, and Ritu Grover, along with the parents of Gaurav Ghavri and Chirag Neema, lit the lamp and began the program. In the area of industrial and residential construction, ONESS Infra has achieved an impressive amount of success over the last few years. Utilizing the most modern technology, they take care of all aspects involved in completing a project and can provide further services upon request by their customers. Regarding the launch, Gaurav Ghavri, Director of ONESS Infra said, “We are glad to unveil our new series of building materials for the customers. This all-

new series is going to be exponential in the construction industry. We are glad to unveil our new series of building materials for the customers. This all-new series is going to be exponential in the construction industry. By bolstering our dedication to introducing advanced solutions, we will give our

customers even more customizable and personalized options for creating the living space of their dreams.” Talking about new and modern technology, Chirag Neema, Director of ONESS Infra said, “With the advent of technological advancements, the construction

sector is undergoing a transformation. Employment and social work in this sector have become increasingly important to ensure that workers are well-protected and their rights are respected. This moves towards social responsibility not only benefits workers but also boosts overall productivity in

the long run.” The attendees of this program comprised MP Shankar Lalwani, Yogesh Mehta (President of AIMP), Atul Seth (Senior Structural Engineer), Hemant Gattani, Atul Bharat (CDC Acropolis Indore), Ritu Grover and representatives from Rotary Club amongst many other eminent guests.

Yogesh Mehta and Atul Seth shared their insights on the necessity of skill development in the private sector, along with this, Atul Bharat shared his views on businesses. Taking this forward, Hemant Gattani shared his experience and knowledge related to materials. Finally, in the end, Ritu Grover appreciated both the directors – Chirag Neema and Gaurav Ghavri for their ceaseless efforts in social work and wished them luck for the future.

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